My Personal Mask

-Italian man with Mask

Fury mask’

This mask that I created online is shown to resemble power and a dignity strive for more greatness. The mask when you put it on, gives the audience or the people who look at you a little bit of fear and worry. You can seem more “confident” when you are wearing the mask. The black striped lines resemble a bald head cap that is white and black stripes. The black stripes resemble scarce, and anger. The black is supposed to show the dark side of the mask. Giving the mask human characteristics was important to me, because I wanted to make the mask most human like, as what I know is my culture. The masks features allow you to see the persons lips and chin features, but nothing from the rest of the way up the face. I wanted to make sure you could see the awesome mustache of Mr. Italiano.

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